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We know it can be difficult to think of new content that keeps your business moving forward through social media. In fact, the time and energy needed to effectively run social media are often more than most small business owners can afford.

That’s why we are here.

SEO Shinobi Social Media Management works to support businesses big and small by maintaining a consistent presence on social media. We exist to help you build a platform through social media so that piece by piece and post by post your business will become more visible and approachable to your customers.

Our Core Services:

Consistent Social Media Posting – Take posting off your “to-do” list! Our US-Based Social Media Managers will do it all for you

Best in Class Social Media Posting Platform – We’ve built one of the more intuitive social media scheduling platforms available. For a fraction of a cost of the big boys, and still better!

We are here to handle your social media, so that you can spend more time handling your business.

It’s easy, and it won’t break the bank. Social media starting from just $199 a month.

Over a decade of experience has given us the recipe for a perfect mix of promotional style posts along with engaging content on your social media. Driving traffic to your website doesn’t come from repetitive sales posts, put strategically placed promotional messaging mixed among helpful, interesting, and engaging content.

Content curation and customisation by a college-educated, highly trained, full-time, USA-based content team.

Personalised and industry-related content, including website news articles, images and snappy post copy

We will curate and post an array of content uniquely compiled for your social presence, all of which helps keep your name in front of potential customers and referral sources. Regular promotional posts to highlight your services and products.

Sleep easy at night knowing in the content we publish on your social profiles will be the highest calibre, and will match your business’ personality and voice.

Consistent social media posting to optimise your business’ reach and create additional search (SEO) benefits.

Social Media Management


  • 3 Scheduled Posts every week
  • One Social Media Platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn)
  • Unique posts per platform
  • Engagement (likes, mentions, comments)


  • 5 Scheduled Posts every week
  • Two Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn)
  • Unique posts per platform
  • Engagement (likes, mentions, comments)
  • Inbox Management


  • Daily Scheduled Posts
  • Four Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn)
  • Unique posts per platform
  • ​Engagement (likes, mentions, comments)
  • Inbox Management

Other Social Media Services

Facebook Video Cover

  • Custom Branded Video
  • 20 Seconds Video Length
  • 820X462 Video Format
  • 1 Round of Revisions

Fully Branded Social Profiles

  • Social Media Profile Creation
  • Custom Branded Profile Pages
  • Facebook Cover and Profile Design
  • Instagram Profile Design
  • Twitter Profile Design
  • ​Youtube Channel Design
  • LinkedIn Business Profile Design
  • 1 Round of Revisions

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